Most Amazing Entertainment Travel to Jakarta

Jakarta is a metropolitan city as well as a capital city of beloved country. A city with rapid development and progress makes Jakarta has all the appropriate facilities. It does not forget about tourism also. Various entertainment tours deliberately built large scale to pamper every people who come to visit the capital. Here is Entertainment travel to Jakarta.

Let’s explore Indonesia through Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a recreational park where people can learn at once tour there. In TMII people can admire, study the architecture and design in the park. For children there is the Indonesian Children’s Palace, which presents fairy tales from various islands in Indonesia as well as fairy tales from around the world, there are amusement parks for children and swan boats to explore the island’s adventure. As for older children and adults there is ImaxTheater at KeongEmas, the stage for musical performances, and Snowy Bay, water recreation.For people who are nature lovers, there are orchid gardens, cacti, herbs, flower gardens and there is also Bird Park. Tanah Airku Theater is the first theater in Indonesia equipped with artistic stage technology. Theater Tanah Airku is a blend of aesthetics between Indonesia and International residing in the City of Jakarta.Become a real doctor in Kidzania Jakarta. Kidzania is a playground as well as learning that have a very modern concept. One playground is oriented from abroad. In Kidzania Jakarta people can portray the various professions that exist in the real world. Various professions like the already expert in the field,people can do here. Like Doctors, Fire Brigades, Pilots, Soldiers, Police, all there is.

Let’s get rid of fatigue in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. Taman Impian Jaya Ancol is the largest and most comprehensive thematic recreation park in Jakarta.TheAncol Dreamland Park,it is divided into several categories of amusement parks, such as:Ancol Beach with this Park consists of a unique and different water pool as well as a skating place that is favored by children and adults.Fantasy World is exactly like Disneyland itself where people can feel the cultural journey of Indonesia and many other countries. SeaWorld with this giant marine aquarium with over 4,000 species of fish and sharks from 300 species. Do you want to see the dolphin? In the Dolphin Ocean Ancol Ocean? Dolphin Ocean Park Ancol is an entertainment arena located at Ancol Dreamland, Jakarta. As the name implies, the one arena presents a variety of attractions from trained animals, of course, the best presents is the attraction of the dolphin. There are several major rides in the Dolphin Park Dolphin Park attractions, among others, Bird Paradise Park, Jellyfish, Scorpion Pirates, Sea Lion, Dolphins, many kinds of animals, and 4D Cinema. In each of these rides, three shows are held on regular days, and the frequency of performances will be increased especially on holidays. People should adjust the time of the show when visiting the Dolphin Ocean Ancol Ocean, so do not miss a variety of interesting performances are held. Of course it is a favorite activity, and dear for people miss is seeing the dolphin show.

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